Friday, March 23, 2012

THE MAINE Again Invades the Philippines

“I see you winding and grinding up on that pole...”, “oh she makes me feel like shit..because she’s everything I ask for”… Who could ever forget those lines from the rocking and dumbfounding band? 

After they shook the world of Filipino fans last year, they will again beat the hearts of teens as they will invade the Sky Dome on March 31 to launch their latest album entitled Pioneer. The album hugely features “Don’t Give up on Us”, “My Heroine”, and their lead single “Some Days”. And as they promise, the music video of their new song “Misery” has released. 

Stay Up, Get Down, and The Way We Talk (2006-2007)

The Maine is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona formed in 2006, January 21st. The band started by bassist Garrett Nickelsen and drummer Pat Kirch. Originally, the band’s name came from the song “Coast of Maine” by Ivory Production. And soon having auditions, John O’Callaghan joined with Ryan Osterman and Alex Ross completed the band. Together they released the EP “Stay Up, Get Down”. Later on, Ryan and Alex left for unknown reasons, though were replaced with Kennedy Brock, the present rhythm guitarist, and Jared Monaco, the lead guitarist. Afterwards, they released their debut album entitled “The Way We Talk”. Shortly thereafter, Ryan and Alex left for unknown reasons, though were replaced with Kennedy Brock, the present rhythm guitarist, and Jared Monaco, the lead guitarist. 

Can't Stop, Won't Stop and ...And a Happy New Year (2008-2009)

Their first full-length album, “Can't Stop, Won't Stop”, was produced by Matt Squire and was released in the summer of 2008, just before the band toured with Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls. In mid 2008, The Maine and We the Kings supported The Academy the UK.
Their next release was a holiday EP in December 2008 titled ...”And a Happy New Year”, produced by Matt Grabe. The EP included three new original tracks and a cover of the Wham! song “Last Christmas”. In 2009, the band signed to Warner Bros. Records. In February 2009, they toured on “The Secret Valentine” tour, headlining We the Kings along with The Cab, VersaEmerge and There For Tomorrow. In July 2009, the band performed on the Vans Warped Tour. In December 2009, The Maine released “This Is Real Life”, their first published book. 

Black and White (2010)

On July 13, 2010, The Maine released their second full-length album, “Black & White”, produced by Howard Benson. In November 2010, while on the Harmony tour with Never Shout Never, The Maine and NSN had fans gather canned foods to help those in need. As a 'thank you' gift, both acts released a split EP titled “Split – EP” on December 27, 2010. Aside from recording music, The Maine also released books—“This Is Real Life which is a compilation of photos and journal entries written by the band members; and also with the second book Black & White Keepsake Book”. 

They have played in many tours including Warped Tour and The Bamboozle Roadshow. They went on their first headlining tour in 2010, An Evening with The Maine. In October 2010 they joined the Harmony tour with Never Shout Never. In February 2011 they started an international tour that began in the Philippines. From there they went to Australia and performed at Soundwave. They rejoined Never Shout Never for a European tour ending in the U.K.. In April 2011, the band co-headlined a U.S. tour with Augustana, from early May to June 18, 2011. 

For inquiries, call SM TICKETS: 470-2222
PULP ROYALTY: 727-4957
Platinum: P3, 500
Gold: P2, 500
Bronze: P1, 800
The gates will open at 7p.m. 


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